COROS Battery Co., Ltd. can provide Lithium ion battery total solutions by the partnership with TS60s Co., Ltd.

TS60s is strong leader of Lithium ion Battery Total Solution in Korea since 2008.
TS60s can do Li-ion rech. battery design & development including battery management system software & hardware and lithium battery pack mechanical engineering. Also, TS60s can do Li-ion rech. battery assembly from battery cell to battery module with BMS and battery pack assembly with BMS & testing together.

TS60s is Samsung 1st CET Certified Company for Electric Vehicles under their proven technology and management system. TS60s expand their business category to mobility, energy storage solution, train, other sectors like military, solar, underwater scooters, robots and etc.

TS60s is mainly concentrated in Korean market but will expand their business to overseas market with the partnership with COROS Battery.

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