Innovative Lithium Primary Battery for a Future!

COROS is “Lithium Battery Technology Company” headquartered in Korea.

  • COROS Battery has over 25 years of outstanding experience in the development, production, quality and application engineering of Lithium primary batteries.
  • COROS Battery made technical transfer or technical collaboration with contracted manufacturers in Korea and nearby and is producing and supplying high quality lithium batteries.
  • COROS Battery supplies customers with approved products and lots by solid self inspection tools.
  • COROS Battery does not sell only batteries. We sell total packages including product performance, product warranty, quality management, safety, storage, transportation and other services.
  • COROS Battery diversifies supplying customized Li-Ion or Li-Polymer rechargeable batteries in competitive solution based on lithium battery pack assembly and inspection standard.
  • COROS Battery regards a customer once known as an eternal friend and strives for the best satisfaction.